Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan

Pakistan is a kind of social paradox. It is a little over half a century old, but preserves history before the Egyptian pyramids. Therefore, there is so much to discover, pack and stop by on this Pakistan bus or plane trip!
Pakistan is located in South Asia, surrounded by Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India, with the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman to the south. The country is divided into four provinces and three territories, including the capital Islamabad which operates in its region. Please note that the Northern Territories are administered by the Government of Pakistan.

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Pakistan is the homeland of ancient civilization / empires, monuments. Pakistan has museums, religions, and cultural heritage. Pakistan has a magnificent landscape and splendid countryside. There are superb valleys, lakes, seashores, and deserts. Pakistan is the land of purified soil, having the ability of diverse traditions. This land organizes different seasonal, cultural, educational, business, seminars, workshops and festivals events. Somehow are most important one. Pakmiti will guide you by representing most important upcoming events in Pakistan in year 2021.

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