Pakistan is a kind of social paradox. It is a little over half a century old, but preserves history before the Egyptian pyramids. Therefore, there is so much to discover, pack and stop by on this Pakistan bus or plane trip.
Pakistan is located in South Asia, surrounded by Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India, with the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman to the south. The country is divided into four provinces and three territories, including the capital Islamabad which operates in its region. Moreover, importance of pakistan in the region is at apex level. Please note that the Northern Territories are administered by the Government of Pakistan. However, India still claims parts or most of them. It is found between 24 and 36.5 northern latitudes and between 61 and 75.5 eastern latitudes. Pakistan has an estimated area of 803,940 square kilometers. Pakistan is like a kind of bridge between the Middle East and the rest of Asia. It is the only nation known in the world that was founded solely on religion. Pakistan is located in a region which enjoys an important economic, political and strategic location. Pakistan's geographic location has brought innumerable material benefits to the country there; their reckless exploitation has also caused chaos in the region.


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Pakistan, Pakistan and Pakistan is interesting because even the name "Pak-is-tan", which means "Pure Land",i.e, pak-miti, is even the acronym for the five formal regions of British India that came together: Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Sindh and Baluchistan- …………. PAK-STAN, then the "i" was added to help with pronunciation, that is, Pak-i-Stan, the map anyway.

The Largest City in Pakistan


However, the largest city and oldest capital of the country is Karachi, in the province of Sindh, with approximately 16 million inhabitants. It has the largest and busiest airport, that is, the Karachi Jinnah International Airport and the largest shipping port, the port of Karachi which handles approximately 60% of the national cargo. However, the world's largest deep-water port is actually here in Gawadar ………………………………………
best places to visit in gawadar
Gwadar Port
Recently, there have been massive renovations and constructions Chinese-funded, where the CPEC project is being built to help with access to the Indian Ocean.The second largest city in the country is Lahore, in the Punjab province, which has the third busiest airport: Allama Iqbal International Airport.

The country has an extensive rail network that stretches from Karachi to Peshawar in the north with dividing lines extending to Iran, Afghanistan and a proposed line running to China. However, it would be very difficult considering that there are incredibly high mountains further north ………………………………………………………… (And today, there is the only main road that crosses from Pakistan to China The N-35 highway, also known as the Karakoram Highway, the highest paved highway in the world at over 4,000 meters above sea level.
Karakoram Highway
Karakoram Highway
Then another small path is the life-giving vein on the 523 km-wide border that gives China access to the Indian Ocean and Pakistan access to the east, circumnavigating around India, which otherwise blocks them both. . It is not really understood why China and Pakistan get along. The most disputed and militarized areas between Pakistan and India are Jammu and Kashmir. The condensed explanation in this area, Pakistan and India, wants all. Aksai Chin is one of the two great disputed border areas between India and China. India claims Aksai Chin as the easternmost part of the Ladakh Union Territory. People's Republic of China claims that Aksai Chin is its part. Pakistan renounces its Shaksam Valley claim to China, but India disagreed and is still claiming it. Although while the three countries converged on the Siachen glacier, the second largest non-polar glacier in the world at point NJ9842 and the dead man started and no one dares to do anything.


What are Some Interesting Facts About Pakistan ?


Some of the main places suggested by Pakistani geography are:-

  1. shah faisal mosque
    Faisal Mosque in Islamabad
  2. Shandur Polo Field
    (Highest in the world

  3. Hussaini Bridge ……………………
    (most dangerous suspension bridge in the world, location in Punjab, Pakistan)
  4. Shangrila Lake
    Shang Ri-La Lake

  5. Gadani Ship Yard
    Gadani Ship Breaking Yard
and as many amusement parks as:-
  1. Sindbad Park
  2. Aladin Park
  3. Dunya Fun

There are so many forts in Pakistan, like: ---

Kot Diji
Lahore Fort
Fort Rohtas

here are even Hindu sites like these
1. Temple of Amb
2. Katas Raj And other graves like
1. Tomb of Chaukhandi
2. Shah Rukn –e- Alam
3. Mazar e Quaid
4. Sharif's Tomb There are
1. St. Patrick's Cathedral in Karachi
2. Changa Manga (the largest forest planted by hand)
3. Lahore museum
4. Karachi War Cemetery
5. Shalimar Gardens
6. Takht I Bahi ……………………… And the UNESCO Heritage sites are: -

Chaukhandi Mehrgrah
Taxila Mohenjo….

Pakistan's land remains incredibly diverse; If we look at Pakistan, we notice that it has very prominent and distinctive contrast features, and it is very interested in how Pakistan used these features to its advantage. Pakistan is precariously located in the plate areas of India, Arabia and Eurasia. This is the reason why it was created to brighten the mountainous area known as Suleiman Range on the Baluchistan Plateau in the southwest of the province that occupies 44% of the land and approximately 6% of the population, this becomes Azad Kashmir and Baluchistan as an earthquake area in Pakistan. The capital of Balochistan was destroyed in 1935 due to earthquakes, and to the north, we can find tall peaks, K-2 Chhogori, the second highest peak in the world, straddling the border within the disputed Shaksum Valley that India so much claims. . Note that 5 of the 14 highest peaks in the world known as the "Eight Thousand Club" are located in northern Pakistan, 4 alone. From there, to the south, we see the only iconic lifeline of power in the entire nation: the Indus River fed by the thawing of the northern mountains. This is the longest river in Pakistan that has dozens of branches and tributaries that mainly feed the entire country.


The Indus River Basin is the world's largest irrigation system with more than 58,000 km of canals, cultivating 230,000 km of land. Further south, we find the country's largest natural lake, Manchar, along the edges of the Indus Valley that empties into the Indus River Delta with the Keti Bunder South Wildlife Sanctuary, it is very difficult to build a port here. Finally, jump to the east, the 'Tharparkar Desert', which claims to be the only fertile world desert in Pakistan, with the dry landscape but abundance of water resources that nurture the sharp plants and wildlife. Just zoom in, we found little trees wandering all over the area across the border into India. There are other cooler places, like the Hingol Mud volcano, Lake Ansoo. The Biafo Glacier, Fairy Meadows, the second largest salt mine in the world, i.e. the Khewara Salt Mine, is located in Pakistan. Pakistan's land is only loaded with resources; More than 40% of the entire population is employed in agriculture, livestock, wheat and cotton. Its main crops rank fourth in the world in cotton production and third in goat meat. Pakistan is actually the country with the largest textile industry in the world. In fact, Sialkot ... This city produces half the entire world of footballs or soccer balls. Otherwise, the nation is also thriving on wildlife; there are 660 species of birds, more than 170 species of mammals, including the national animal, Markhor (the largest goat species) Pakistani food / Food of Pakistan Pakistani dishes such as Balochi-style Sajji and "Dum Pukht", "Beef" and “Lamb Korma” are also popular by some. In the northeast, the dishes are Afghan-style cuisine like "Pushtun Style Kebab and Rice". There is also famous "Punjab Cuisine", probably known as Punjab in India, and in the south, the Sindhi probably have more fish diets. Demographics of Pakistan Now the weird thing about the entire South Asia subcontinent is that when you look at people, many of them look exactly the same and you would just assume that they are basically relatives. I mean, you have Pakistani Punjabi and Indian Punjabi, Pakistani Cashmere (Kashmiri) and Indian Cashmere (Kashmiri). They have the same languages and the same cultural traditions, history and customs. And in most cases, they are family. But when it comes to nationality and worldview, the dichotomy sets a clear boundary that divides one side from the other. First of all, Ethnicity in Pakistan, people of Pakistan. The country has 202 million people, the sixth most populous Muslim nation and the second most populous after Indonesia. The country has a very diverse group. "Punjabi" 45% "Pushtun" in the north is approximately 16% Sindhi in the south is approximately 14%, Saraiki is approximately 9% Another 16% (mujahir, balochi and etc.) The Pakistani currency is Rupees, denoted as Rs. And drive on the road from the left side. Now, Pakistan has 74 individual languages on the list that are spoken across the country, 66 are indigenous, 5 have (over 10,000) speakers each, almost all are Indo-Aryan. In Pakistan, here, two formal languages are used, Urdu at school and English at offices. For reference, Urdu is basically the same as Hindi, with the exception of a few additional words and phrases brought from Persian, Turkish, and Arabic. It is also written in Arabic script. There is not a single type of Pakistani; they come from different shapes of colors and styles, but the design of the general demographic configuration shows that the east is Indo-Aryan, the west is more Persian-Iranian. Now is the time to explain the Pakistani culture behind the many groups of people in Pakistan, we cannot highlight the largest, let's start ---------------------- - ---- PUNJABIS They are the people of the river, PUNJAB means "Land of the 5 waters", they are the backbone of the Indus Valley, known for having people associated with agriculture and artisans. Everyone knows that Punjabi are similar to Pakistani partiers. Their cousins are the South Saraiki, an infusion between Punjabi and Sindhi. They love to cook "Shonajna Flowers" and their favorite dance is "Jhumar Dance". SINDHI The Sindhis are southern Pakistan who ruled the delta, and the largest city is Karachi (it is a diverse city, not only the Sindhis are here). Known as the Money Handler, Pakistani businessmen continue on the financial side. Sufism (Islam) has a great impact in Sindh. PUSHTUNS / PAKHTUN They are Iranian groups of people, just like Afghan and Persian groups, not in the Indo area. Many of them still follow Pushtunwali and the ancient autonomous tribal systems regulate the daily activities of the communities. They have their own traditional clothing, festivals, Nowruz and dishes or food too. BALOQUIS / BALUCHIS They are the cousins of Pushtuns, another group of Iranian people; Like the Pashtuns, they have their own tribal societies: 130 to 150 tribes in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. According to tradition, all tribes belong to a person named "Jalal Khan" who has five sons, a daughter and four sons, named "Rind", "Lashari", "Hoth", "Korai" and "Bibi Jato", who she married her nephew "Murad". Baloch also spelled Baluch or Baluch, a group of tribes who spoke the Balochi language and estimated some five million inhabitants in Pakistan's Balochistān province and also in neighboring areas of Iran and Afghanistan. In Pakistan, the Baloch are divided into two groups, the Sulaimani and the Makrani, separated from each other by a compact block of Brahui tribes. Baluchistan is the richest mineral province in Pakistan. Women are famous for wearing the most luxurious jewelry. Finally, we have to mention the mountaineers such as cashmere (Kashmiri), baltis and wakhis, etc. Kashmiris are Indo-Aryan, while Balits are Sino-Tibetan, no one knows about the Barushos, but they do exist. Hunza people also live on a special super healthy diet; The people of Kalash have a lot of lawns and red hats that are most of the rest, but this is simply how to make a PAKISTAN. Cultural Diversity in Pakistan In Pakistan, it doesn't matter which region we go to; It is very likely that we will see the traditional dress, that is, Shalwar Kameez, which has all the different colors and designs. India, as Bollywood and Pakistan have Lollywood, the film industries were mainly established in Lahore. Pakistan also has the most active and energetic UN peacekeepers, who often work in Islamic countries. Pakistan is in sixth place, the largest military force in the world. They are also famous for the "Wagah Border Ceremony". Many of the people know that India and Pakistan are famous for Cricket matches. However, hockey is their national gambling game. They are also the most popular and featured personalities in other games like Squash and Kabaddi. The most famous players are: Hashim Khan Jahangir Khan Jansher Khan According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the President and Prime Minister must be Muslim. However, Pakistan also deals with non-Muslims, such as Christianity and Hinduism. In Pakistan, there are three main general compositions commonly found across the country, Traditional / regional music Religious music Modern music Pakistan is something like a state built to consolidate religious communities in the old empire. That means that with Pakistan, much of its diplomacy depends on strategy.


They still have a somewhat neutral kind of friendly relationship with the UK. The UK has the largest population of Pakistanis in Europe, many hail from the Mirpur district, and we can still see many of the cultural influences in their society, such as cricket and driving on the left. General, having good relations with Gulf countries such as United Arab Emirates, KSA, Kuwait. Many Pakistanis are transferred there for the allocation of jobs and resources. India and Bangladesh have a love-hate relationship. They hate the government but they love the people of Pakistan. India and Pakistan have a history together. Pakistan and India, as already discussed, have the same culture and history. So the only thing that separated them both is religion, Islam and Hinduism. Bangladesh, of course, broke away from Pakistan after partition. Moreover, Pakistan has close relations with China, especially in the CPEC Project, Turkey is also one of them, today, a Turkish drama, called "Ertugrul Ghazi" is the most famous drama series on Pakistani Screens. They respect each other in their culture, people, history, and more. They support the government and have many trade agreements with each other. In conclusion, Pakistan may have formed in the 40s, but we would have millennia of backstory with this place. Pakistan, it is what it is, go ahead ……………… .. How to get a visa for Pakistan.