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What are The Most Famous Places in Gwadar

famous places in gwadar

If you do not have a travel destination label, but at the same time have a strong desire to explore, you may encounter various thoughts in your mind, such as:-

  1. a. What are the most beautiful places in the world to travel?
  2. b. How to arrive There ?
  3. c. When to Visit these Places?
  4. d. Where to Stay after Reach There?
  5. e. After Covid-19, Is It Safe Place to Visit There?

The above is just a simple probe surfing in the mind of every tourist. Our globe has so many amazing and most beautiful places in the world to travel that we still don't know. The amazing places in the world should be Google searched, the traveler can easily do that by going there and getting more information and sculptures for others like us.
If you think this post is going to take too long to explain, but I'm sure you, then every word makes you more excited and increases your focus. It requires you to pack your suitcase, reserve your seat and land your plane in the most beautiful places in the world to travel. Here we have listed the city of Gwadar in Pakistan as one of them. When you read this post, you will immediately feel fragrance in every word of it.



Before proceeding to find out about the tourist attractions in Gwadar, we prefer to elaborate the history of the city of Gwadar.

About Gwadar


Gwadar is one of the most prominent city of Province Balochistan.It is a gateway to prosperity. It is situated in Southwest of Balochistan,Pakistan at Arabian Sea, opposite Oman. It is well-known in all over the world, for its zone and under constructed modern Port (Bandargah in Urdu). Word Gwadar is derived from two Balochi words, Gwa means open air and dar means door, "open air door". As soon as its development phase is completing, importance of Gwadar port for Pakistan has been increasing day by day.

Its presence at the confluence of three regions of commercial interest in the world, namely the oil-rich Middle East, Central Asia endowed with natural resources and South Asia with growth potential, makes Gwadar an ideal location to build an international port in the smart city to promote business and investment opportunities globally for potential investors and a leisure center for tourists all around the world. Due to the strategic location and importance of Gwadar, there will be significant socio-economic development and growth in and around Gwadar.

In 325 BC When ALexandar the Great was returning to Greece. At that time, his soldiers anchored their ships at Gwadar Port and discovered these coastal areas. Later on, Hindu leader conquered this area from Greece leader. In 711, a young muslim commander, Muhammad Bin Qasim entered this area and conquered it. In 1775, leaders from Muscat had been started their trading in ivory, spices and Gwadar. In 1783, Shah Sultan fought with his real brother who was king of Muscat at that time. Shah Sultan written a letter to Khan of Mir Qalat and requested for help. So, Mir Qalat khan offered him this area, i.e. Gwadar. Later on in 1797, Sultan came back to Musqat.


In 1958, Pakistan purchased Gwadar and its surrounding areas from Muscat in 10M USD. Later on, Pakistan upgraded Gwadar as a Tehsil and included in District Makran.


Due to Gwadar strategic locations, its importance has been increagingly day by day.As earlier described, Gwadar city will be a hub for trade. For this, Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is set up in accordance with the GDA Act-2003 to control and regulate the expected growth. The headquarters of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is located in Gwadar. The aim of the GDA is to focus on the development of the city of Gwadar with the creation and environment that can generate the demand for the port.
These developments could only be possible through an effective implementation of the Gwadar Master Plan, which includes an independent management system, attractive incentive strategies for potential investors, a pleasant investment environment and environmentally friendly development of Gwadar from the city of Gwadar and the adjacent areas.
The GDA is very ambitious and has played an important role in the development of the Gwadar district since 2003. Some of the main projects have been completed in the highway sector, the construction of Jinnah Avenue, Jiwani Avenue, Rakshan Avenue, Kahan Avenue, Airport Road and the main circle, ship propulsion, etc. However, other details are also available on GDA Official Website.


Gwadar is a small city having population of 100,000 approximately.


Mostly rain occurs from December to January. In Gwadar, mostly moderately warm weather in December. To know more about Gwadar weather and other cities climate status, Visit on.


It takes approximately 12 hours to complete journey of 918 kilometers.


Tourist places to visit in Gwadar are as under:-


Gwadar is a deep port strategically located in the Indian Ocean, where the Strait of Hormuz opens. The port of Gwadar is on the deep sea and has hot water. Gwadar is a small fishing village and a gateway to the Chinese economic corridor. In 2015, Pakistan leased the port of Gwadar to China with a $ 62 billion contract. Here, China has also acquired 22,000 acres of land bordering a port designated as a Special Economic Zone.
Due to this amazing feature, maritime trade cannot be stopped all year round and other seas around the world that use cold water cannot continue to trade in cool conditions.


There is an economic border between China and Pakistan. It is therefore called the port of Gwadar, financed by the Chinese government, and an economic corridor is under construction, specifically the economic corridor in China and Pakistan. The idea is that the Chinese could have a corridor that runs from Chang Zing in China through Pakistan to Gwadar, and that would actually allow them to transport oil across the Indian Ocean, without actually entering China, without having to pass through the Straits of Malacca, which could be closed.
A 1224-kilometer-long highway is being built from China, ending in Gwadar and imitating the ancient Silk Road. It connects Silk Road on the mainland with Silk Road. This route will shorten the time of transporting Chinese products to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Geopolitics is soon taking place in the world, and Gwadar is at its core.


Astola Island is also known as the Island of Seven Hills, Pakistan's uninhabited islands in the Arabian Sea. Astola Island is a difficult place without accommodation. However, adventurers can visit the island and be on the checklists as the best place to travel in the world. Most tourists come here and camp at night, catch fish, dive underwater, but have their own arrangements. In addition, Pakistan has declared Astola Island the first marine protected area.
The highest point is 246 feet above sea level. The island of Astola is administratively part of Pasni, a sub-region of Gwadar. Astola Island can be reached from Pasni by speedboat with a journey time of approximately 3 to 5 hours.


Originally Astola Island is a nautical narrative of Admiral Marcos who was sent by Alexander the Great to explore the Arabian Sea coast and the Persian Gulf before 325 BC. Sailors described this uninhabited island called Missoulat, the island consists of a large sloping plateau, and there are several caves and natural coves on the islands. The south face of the island is gradually inclined, while the north face is a cliff like a strong vertical drop.
The Pakistani government installed a lighthouse on the island in 1982 for the safety of passing ships, and this lighthouse was replaced by a sun wing in 1987. Between May and September of each year, the island of Astola becomes a temporary base for mainland fishermen to catch lobsters and oysters. Astola Island is deserted from June to August due to off-season fishing, harsh seas and high tides. Astola Island is a popular but difficult tourist destination as there are no accommodation facilities on the island.
Most curious tourists have to camp on the island and bring their own supplies. Camping, fishing, and scuba diving trips are popular. It is also an area to observe the reproduction of turtles. However, due to the rats and domestic cats left behind by the fishermen, it caused some damage to the ecology, threatening bird nests and turtle hatcheries.


Astola Island is located about 25 kilometers south of the nearest part of the coast and 39 kilometers southeast of the Pasni fishing port. Astola Island is the largest island off the coast of Pakistan with a length of 6.7 kilometers and a maximum width of 2.3 kilometers. Hindu temple on Astola Island.


A mosque is also built in Astola Island. It is attributed to Hazrat Khizer (A.S).


To reach Astola from Karachi, by travelling 319 kilometer in 7 hours towards Pasni and further 3 hours on boat is required to arrive at Astola Island.


It covers about approximately 46 kilometers in 3 hours.


Average temperature in Astola Island is round about 25 centigrade with moderate breeze.


It is a mysterious island that suddenly appeared 600 meters off the coast after a massive underwater earthquake. It is approximately 250 to 300 feet wide and 60 to 70 feet above the water level. Its surface is a mixture of clay that meets sand and rocks. As an island fact, it may not be an island at all, the island spewed flammable gas. Experts say it will probably go away in a few months.

Hingol National Park


Hingol National Park is located in Balochistan; the Makran district is famous for its cold springtime, its amazing geographic wonders and mud volcanoes, rock formations, but also Nani Mandar, a Hindu place of worship, which fascinates the traveler. Hingol National Park has partially distributed its area in three districts of Balochistan, Lesbela, Gwadar and Awaran.
Coming from Karachi, Hingol National Park is located 200 kilometers southwest of it. On the coastal road of Makran, the Alps and the desert areas, the rocky compositions, it is the imprisonment of landscapes in their eyes. Mud volcanoes are the most famous place in Hingol National Park. Each location also has its advantages and weaknesses. We prefer to share as much information as possible with you. In Hingol National Park, the quality of food, medicine and modern housing is insufficient. Most of the people live near the Hingol River. Tombs of soldiers belonging to Muhammad Bin Qasim have also been laid in Hingol National Park. The tombs are engraved with Koranic ayat.


Proving that Balochistan is famous for reshaping its landscape, the mountain sculpture is magnificent in its own beauty. A statue of the princess rises vertically in the constellation of mountainous areas. Hollywood actress Angelia Jolie called her “The Princess of Hope”.

Angelina Jolie


Kund Malir Beach is an exciting recreation spot for tourists and the general public. The seaside appearances are more beautiful and cleaner. Kund Malir Beach is the starting point for deserts, mountains and the ocean. This place looks more wonderful and fascinating to human eyes. The birds cackle there. While there are no hotels, shops, restrooms, and other tourist facilities available, you can still feel the happiest while spending there.

Golden Beach, Kund Malir in Gwadar


Oramara Beach is located in Balochistan at towards Coastal Highway coming from Karachi. Ormara Beach is most beautiful and fascinating place in Balochistan- Gwadar. Sea view at Ormara Beach is looking very stunning. At Ormara Beach, clean and crystal water touches white sand makes a heaven gesture.
Haft Talar Beach Resorts represents an Arabian Culture. Oramra Beach Huts names are associated with Balochi’s Name. At Haft Talar Beach, sunrise in morning looks very miraculous. At Ormara Breach, get up early in the morning, make a long walk besides of beach to take fresh air and make yourself more relishing. At Ormara Beach, Cloud Factory place is very amazing, at top , imagine that clouds are coming underneath of yours side view.


By traveling from Karachi, approximately 5 hours are spend to complete 327 kilometers distance from Karachi to Ormara Beach.


The hammerhead rocky mass formed by volcanic mud. An imaginative scene throbs with rides like sunrise and sunset. Most tourists come here to see this place until late at night. Moreover, at Hammerhead, the prime residential housing i.e. Sanghar Housing Scheme is under –developing to facilitate and promote tourism in Pakistan.


East Bay is a commercial area, where Gwadar Port is located. At here , Expressway Road Project is under construction. Commercial traffic is plying on this road. Chinese goods or other overseas products are loaded towards their destinations by using East Bay Expressway road. 15 % of its work has been completed, yet. For the construction of East Bay Expressway Road, city traffic would not be disturbed. This project has to be completed at the end of this year 2020.


Hiding sight a rocky landscape off the coast of Makran in southern Balochistan- Pakistan is an architectural disorder that has been neglected and undiscovered. known as the Balochistan Sphinx, the site in question first to the public in 2004 after the Makran Coastal Highway was opened. Most people pass it on as a natural geological synthesis, but since we know that no archaeological work has been done on the site, we can understand the geological interpretation, but some research has shown that the Balochistan Sphinx is convinced that it is a massive ancient stone carved architectural complex. The sphinx resembles the pharaohs of Egypt.


Hanglaj Yatra is one of the most important and historical Yatras in Hindu mythology, with two parts. One is Chandra Kup and the other is Nani Mandira. Chandra Kup is the name of the largest volcano on earth in the deserts of Balochistan province, Pakistan. Hindu travelers come here every year and gather from all over the world. After climbing a thousand feet, Hindus offer the Baba Chandra Cup of coconuts, rose petals and candy.