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The idyllic Islamabad is a wonderful tourist destination in Pakistan. We know for sure that you are not the one who likes to spend time sitting at home. Some just don't want to leave home and travel abroad. There may be a reason. They are helpless enough to get up and go to a calm place, or are bound by certain restrictions that do not allow them to go outside. These reasons will surely be creepy for those who travel a lot, and nothing can stop them when contemplating the chosen destination. They really hate the distractions of people who don't prefer the act of movement or who force them to survive in certain areas. Say and you're done!.
If you are planning to travel to Pakistan, there is a good chance that you will be traveling through Islamabad, especially if you are planning to explore the beauty of the northern regions of Pakistan where adventure awaits you.
A city like Islamabad might not be as exciting as the northern part of Pakistan, but with my ultimate Islamabad travel guide in hand, you will surely enjoy your time there while seeing a different perspective from a country that you would not see otherwise touristy. Visit cities or mountains. There are places to visit in Islamabad for couples, also.
Without further ado, here is a guide to the amazing things to do in Islamabad for family:- .

  1. Distance-Airport to Islamabad

  2. Understand Islamabad

  3. Climate of Islamabad

  4. People of Islamabad

  5. List of Best Universities in Islamabad-2020

  6. Double-decker bus service between Islamabad and Rawalpindi for Sight Seeing

  7. The Best Time to Visit Islamabad

  8. Where to Stay in Islamabad

  9. Internet

  10. Travel Insurance

  11. What To Pack for Islamabad-Pakistan

  12. How to Arrive to Islamabad

  13. How to Get Around Islamabad

  14. 6 Best Things To Do in Islamabad

Distance Between International Airport and Islambad Capital Territory

Islamabad International Airport has a 180,000 m² modular terminal that can accommodate 9 million passengers and 80,000 tons of cargo per year. This number is expected to reach 25 million passengers by 2024. Being a new airport, a significant portion of the land has been set aside for commercial purposes such as duty-free shops, a hotel and a convention center, shopping malls, business center, food courts and entertainment and cinema facilities. The distance between the airport and the capital territory of Islamabad is about 33 kilometers via the Srinagar Highway route, formerly called 'Kashmir highway route, during the journey to the capital, you will see the more charismatic sight the closer you get, a view of Margalla Hills is also fascinates you.

Understanding Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is known to have caught the attention of many vacationers from all over the world. Those travelers who are looking fgor a fun vacation book flights to Islamabad well in advance so that they can get to the city that seems so amazing to every visitor. Surrounded by Margalla Hills, this alluring town doesn't take a minute to lure a tourist with its everlasting charm. Recognized as the tenth largest city in Pakistan.
Margalla Hills
It is located at the northern end of the Pothohar Plateau and at the foot of the Margalla Hills in the capital territory of Islamabad. Its altitude is 540 meters. The modern capital and the ancient Gakhar city of Rawalpindi form an agglomeration and are commonly referred to as the Twin Cities.
To the northeast of the city is the colonial-era hill station of Murree, and to the north is the Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kahuta lies to the southeast, Taxila, Wah Cantt and Attock District to the northwest, Gujar Khan, Rawat and Mandrah to the southeast, and the metropolis of Rawalpindi to the south and southwest. Islamabad is located 120 kilometers (75 mile) SSW from Muzaffarabad, 185 kilometers east of Peshawar, 295 kilometers northwest of Lahore and 300 kilometers west of Srinagar, the capital of the Indian Territory of Jammu and -Cashmere.

The city of Islamabad covers an area of 906 square kilometers. Another area of 2,717 square kilometers is known as the specified area, with the Margala Hills to the north and northeast. The southern part of the city is a hilly plain. It is drained by the Kurang River, on which the Rawal Dam is located.
Islamabad is divided into 5 zones, of which Zones I and II have been designated as Urban Development Zones. These areas are further divided into sectors, names start with alphabetical and numeric suffix, like sectors E-9, sectors I-8, etc. Most foreigners live in diplomatic and E-7 areas, which is a very remarkable place of capture in Islamabad. In fact, it is an important political center where you will find the embassies of many countries. Parliament is in Islamabad. In addition, the Supreme Court of Pakistan is also located in Islamabad. Moreover, there are Top Universities of Pakistan are also built in Islamabad, like:-


  1. International Islamic University, Islamabad
  2. Allama Iqbal Open University
  3. Bahria University
  4. National University of Modern Language
  5. Quaid-E-Azam University,Islamabad
  6. Air University, PAF Complex
  7. COMSATS University Islamabad
  8. National University of Computer and Emerging Science
  9. National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad.


Double-decker Bus Service Between Islamabad and Rawalpindi for Sight Seeing

Tourism in Pakistan after lockdown or during covid 19, the Pakistani Government took a sustainable step in promoting the tourism industry. Pakistan is the land of a beauty, every corner / edge of this land looks wonderful. It is a heavenly land, different seasons belong here, you can feel yourself savoring the snow, the warm and cold nights, and much more.

To take part, you will now see Double Decker Buses plying on the roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad under the auspices of the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (TDCP). The Punjab Tourism Development Corporation, coordinated by the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA), has launched a test drive of the double-decker bus service on the occasion of Independence Day, celebrated across Pakistan. The TDCP has finalized a plan to launch double-decker buses from August 14, 2020, "Pakistan 's Independence Day" in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The buses have been decorated with garlands keeping in mind the Potohar culture and will be destined for tourists. Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar inaugurated a double-decker bus service to visit the sights of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

double decker bus service for tourism


Initially, two beautiful and well-equipped buses were arranged to visit the Twin Cities. The objective of the service is to promote tourism; inviting local and foreign tourists to enjoy the culture and scenery of the Twin Cities. "The Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (TDCP) will operate these buses." The bus route will be from the Allama Iqbal Park to the Pakistan Monument. The double-decker bus service is a gift to the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A special concession will be given to the elderly and disabled who will use the double-decker bus. It is estimated that by 2025, Pakistan’s international tourism expenditure will reach 4.9 million US dollars. Tourism Expenditure

Double-Decker Bus Service Route

The main stops of these buses will be Allama Iqbal Road, Double Road Shamsabad, whose terminal is being prepared. Initially, the route of these buses will be from all the important points that deserve the detour of two cities. Double-decker buses will depart from Allama Iqbal Park, Rawalpindi and arrive at Shah Faisal Mosque which will be your last stop via Faizabad, Shakarparian, Chand Tara, Pak China Center, Jasmine Garden, Lok Virsa, Pak secretariat, Daman- e-Koh. Then, the buses will arrive again at Alama Iqbal Park through the zero point. Tourists will visit various places of interest in Islamabad such as the Faisal Mosque, Marghrzar Zoo, Daman-e-Koh, Constitution Avenue, Lok Virsa, the Pakistan Natural History Museum, and Shakarparian.
Toursim Development Corporation of Pakistan Bus Service
The rate will be rented and it will be possible to book online. Cold food and drinks will also be served to tourists during the trip. With this new plan, traveling by double-decker bus to Rawalpindi, Islamabad will be relied upon and will continue from 1950 to 1975. The route at that time was from Sadar Rawalpindi to the Islamabad Secretariat via Murree Road. In 1975, GTS buses replaced these double-decker buses. Today, after 45 years, the news of the start of double-decker buses is good news for the inhabitants of the Twin Cities. From Koh-e-Suleman to Murree, Punjab will become a tourist center. The project for the promotion of tourism in Kotli Satian is launched. Link roads will be built for access to Kotli Satian, allowing people to access new tourist sites. Soon, the double-decker bus service will begin in Bahawalpur. The scope of the double-decker bus service is extended to other cities as well as for the promotion of tourism and all possible measures will be taken to elevate and promote tourism in all cities of the province, including the Potohar region by the government. More buses will be provided for tourism promotion, if necessary, and government residences for tourism promotion have also been opened.


Islamabad is a climate zone characterized by hot and humid summers, and cold to mild winters (with five seasons):-
1. Winter - November to February
2. Spring - March to April
3. Summer - May to June
4. Rainfall - July to August
5. Fall - September to October
January is the coldest month in Islamabad and June is the warmest month. In January, most days are clear blue skies, however, this month is prone to cold evenings and mornings.


Islamabad is the city known for its kindness and friendliness. The people of this amazing city greet every visitor with a smile on their faces. If you are hoping to make the most of your vacation in the charming city of Islamabad, in fact this is the right time to fly for some excitement. This city has never failed to attract anyone with a deep love of history.
people of pakistan
This city has a rich historical background that no avid traveler wants to ignore. Islamabad is a clean and emerging metropolitan city that takes a great deal of pride in having a great infrastructure.
Islamabad is the model of what a modern Pakistani city should look like. Clusters of buildings are divided into zones, laid out as a grid with an extensive network of roads that connect them together like a spider web. Between buildings, green vegetation is sprinkled throughout the city, making it the darkest city in the country. Rickshaws are prohibited due to loud noise and the street is as clean as the sun. This is what the government of a capital city described and they entered everything.
Capital Development Authority is the main source of its infrastructure work Islamabad also has an ugly twin brother called Rawalpindi next to it. You may also have noticed the journey from Lahore that buses to Islamabad have the label Rawalpindi instead of Islamabad (yes, you will pass first) so do not be alarmed. Rawalpindi is an old polar city opposite Islamabad. Heavy, dirty, horrible traffic and not smooth. If you want a more serene experience, I recommend avoiding accommodation in Rawalpindi. Also, make sure that accommodation you have booked is actually in Islamabad and not Rawalpindi because it is very different.

The Best Time to Visit Islamabad

The best time to go to Islamabad from September to October is when the weather is cool around the city at night, especially when the weather is ideal. September and October are also planning to go north and climb, while the calm and autumn colors are changing.

6 things to do in islamabad


Since Islamabad is a new city, budget options are fairly limited. You can stay in Rawalpindi (not worth it as you have to worry about traffic to get to and from Islamabad and that could cost you more in the long run). If you are interested in Five Stars Hotels and found them through 5 Stars Hotels in Islamabad this is a great platform to book your rooms Reservations. However, there are so many Cheapest Hotels in Islamabad with good facilities.


This place is cheaper than most countries, but not cheap for dirt. Expect around $ 30-50 per day (5000 rupees) per person, including room and board. Remember, this is just a proposed daily budget based on research and more focused on the budget side of things. If you want to stick to that budget, expect to sleep in dormitories, just eat a few times, and be comfortable on the cheapest and most convenient means of transportation, with frequent walking.
There are various transportation services placed on the route by private transportation companies like Uber and Careem . However, there are also private cars for rent that you can rent at your residential destinations in the capital.


Reliable WiFi isn't easy to come by, so I would recommend buying a SIM card instead. To get a SIM card in Islamabad, you need to find the franchise office of the desired vendor that will issue SIM cards for foreigners & local also. DO NOT get a SIM card at the airport. They are all scams ! Personally, I have Jazz-Dunya ko Bata do! However, there are also other services such as Zong 4G and Telenor-Telenor-Pakistan To get a SIM card as a foreigner or a local, you need to contact the Customer Service Center, which is located in a different metropolitan area in the Islamabad sector, especially the Markaz area. Make sure you have your passport with you. Once there, you can choose whether you just want a data simulation card. I would recommend calling if you plan on going north as the data connection is unreliable there and you may have to call several places to book. The entire process takes less than 7 minutes.


If you are looking for travel insurance for your trip to Pakistan, I suggest you use WORLD NOMADS, which can be used to find travel insurance for my type of adventure. It is also important to note that, while some travel credit cards offer mild insurance coverage, it is often not comprehensive. If you lose your luggage, get stranded due to airline problems, or need to travel for family medical emergencies, you may be covered. However, it is very rare, if not impossible, to find a travel credit card that offers medical coverage in any capacity. If you're looking for travel insurance, it is suggested you look elsewhere for a more comprehensive plan.

What To Pack For Islamabad, Pakistan

Here are some tips on what to pack for a trip to Islamabad, Pakistan:-

  1. Hiking / Hiking Shoes.

    I like to walk around new towns or go for a short hike so I recommend that you keep good, comfortable shoes with you on this trip.

  2. Breathable Shirts.

    When the sun comes up and the sky is clear it can get very hot outside, so make sure you have more than one shirt with you.

  3. Outer jacket

    The outer jacket is ideal for outdoor rain or light wind.

  4. Microfiber Towel

    The microfiber towel is the ideal towel for backpackers because it is lightweight, easy to dry, and can be zipped to save space in your bag.

  5. Wool jacket

    when it is cold outside I always recommend the yarns and the insulation layer that you should always keep with you is the wool jacket.

  6. Camera

    A good camera will be an important part of your bag to capture your beautiful moments.

  7. Power Bank

    Keep your electronic devices on the go with over 20,000mAh power bank

  8. Water Bottle

    A water bottle that accompanies you in cities or on hiking routes if you are unsure of the cleanliness of the water source.

  9. Universal adapter

    All you need is a universal adapter to plug in your electronic devices in the country you are visiting.

  10. King Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes will help you save space in your bag and keep all your things organized

  11. Back Big Bag.

    You will need a large bag to carry all of this with you

How To Get To Islamabad

You can fly directly to the new airport in Islamabad from the United States and the United Kingdom through Middle Eastern airlines such as Etihad, Qatar or Turkey, or if you come from the East, Thailand and Air China are also great choices. I often use Expedia or Skyscanner to find the fastest and cheapest flight for travels around the world, so feel free to skip some of the offers out there. If you come from Lahore to Rawalpindi like, you can take a Daewoo Express bus from Lahore to Rawalpindi, which will take about 4 hours and take you to the Daewoo Express bus terminal near Chowk Highway just outside Rawalpindi. It will take off From there, you can call an Uber (again, rickshaws are banned in Islamabad, so do not bother trying to find someone to take you to your Islamabad residence), Careem or any other private rental cars are available at Daewoo Express Bus Terminal.

How To Get Around Islamabad

Use Uber in every way. It's cheaper, has fewer headaches and takes you where you want to go. I took Uber to all the places I listed here so you don't have to worry about it. One of the warnings used by Uber to get to Daman Koh and Pir Sohawa is that there is no connection to this hill and Uber can send you a bill until your connection is restored so wait and talk to your driver. It would be better to communicate with your driver to take you down. So no wonder on your credit card.

6 Best Things To Do In Islamabad

Tribute the Monument of Pakistan's Equilibrium

6 best things to do in islamabad

The first thing in the morning, go for a walk and visit the Pakistan Monument. The monument is built on a hillside in a large garden and when you get there early in the morning you will find the whole place with you so you can wander around your outdoor recreation area. Late on, several vans were leaving the tourists. This place packs up quickly so be sure to arrive.

Visit The Lok Virsa Museum

8 Best Places to Visit in Islamabad in 2020

A short walk from the Pakistan Monument is the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, a large modern museum dedicated to the history, art and culture of Pakistan and other countries in Central Asia. The museum consists of outdoor and indoor exhibits ranging from a collection of exhibits showing Pakistan's vibrant and diverse cultures from different regions, to traditional music recordings and various locally produced cultural documentaries. There is no better place to experience Pakistan than the Lok Virsa Museum.

Eat in the Centaurus Mall food court

6 Romantic Restaurants in Islamabad For That Perfect Dinner Date

I know, I know you're probably wondering why there's a mall on this list, but listen to me. Pakistan is a very conservative country from the outside, and if you pass through a city like Lahore or Rawalpindi, you may forget that this country also has a modern aspect and is most visited at a place like Centaurus Mall. There is also a food court full of local and western grocery chains that will spoil you for days. I had the best non-sandwich here. This is the perfect place for grocery and breakfast in the mountains of Pakistan before heading north.

Places To Visit in Islamabad at Night

Take a look at Daman-e-Ko

places to visit in islamabad at night

Daman-e-Koh is a landmark and garden on a hill north of Islamabad and is located in the middle of the Margalla Hills. The name is a combination of two Persian words, which together mean the foothills. It is about 2,400 meters above sea level and about 150 feet from the city of Islamabad. At around 4:00 am, in perfect light, view Mount Daman to see why Islamabad is called the most beautiful city in the country. There is no better city view than this one. If you come there on Sunday, you will love a small carnival-like market full of samples and little fun rides (jumping castles and spinning gears), as well as lots of locals to enjoy with their families. This is a great time to mingle with the locals of Islamabad. They are very welcome, especially when they are happy!

Dine With A View At Monal Restaurant, Pir Sohawa

Monal Restaurant

At Monal, we pride ourselves on offering authentic Pakistani food that is as rich and diverse as our heritage. It was created with a vague use of local flavors and aromas and the pure heritage of Arabia, Persia and Central Asia, as many tribes, peoples and cultures have been found in the valleys and plains of Sindh for centuries. The road to Manala passes through the lush greenery of Margala, as if carved from emeralds. It offers a glimpse into the fame of Kovala for both locals and tourists. The White Hill of Faisal Mosque and Constitution Avenue blend beautifully into the stunning landscapes of Punjab and the Border. Driving alone in Monalu is an unforgettable experience that has long been cherished. Whether you choose to start the journey with the sun shining in the mountains or want a romantic moon ride, your experience will be unforgettable. Sunset Monale offers the best moments of nature. Red sky over the shadows of bright mountain twilight, the leaves sway in light weather. A silent scream of birds. And if the day gets hot, talk about cricket from time to time. Eventually, the West falls into the valleys given the golden glow of Islamabad.

Visit The Faisal Mosque During Sunset

Faisal Masjid (Urdu: Faisal Masjid, Romanized: Faisal Masjid) is a mosque in Islamabad, the federal national capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is located at the foot of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. The mosque has a modern design with eight sides of a concrete shell and is inspired by the Bedouin tent. This mosque is a major tourist attraction in Pakistan especially in Islamabad and is mentioned as a modern and influential feature of Islamic architecture. Construction of the mosque began in 1976. After obtaining 120 ml. Funded by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, called Masjid. An unconventional project by Turkish architect Vedato Doloke was selected after an international competition. In addition to the characteristic dome, the mosque resembles a Bedouin tent, surrounded by four 260-foot (79 m) minarets. The design features eight-sided sloping ceilings with a triangular room for 10,000 people. The structure is impressive, but is even better after sunset when the natural light is low, and the artificial light illuminates the structure with a light orange color. I was there around 6 pm and waited until as the sky turned purple, its structure turned orange and the sound of prayer echoed throughout the city. It was a spiritual moment for Pakistan. If you can get it to the mosque, make sure you are there at sunset. You will not regret it.

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