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fauji fertilizer building in saddar, rawalpindi

A sprawling, fast-growing city accounting for three-quarters of the capital area’s combined population, Rawalpindi lacks any major monuments or sites of historical significance, although it is lively and colorful bazaars have plenty of atmospheres with having most famous places to visit in Rawalpindi , for fun.
The British Cantonment area focused on The Mall (a part of the old Grand Trunk Road) was once a separate settlement. It had barracks and a spacious residential area of military and civilians, plus its own offices, clubs, and churches. The Saddar area which developed to the northeast is the main commercial area today, with numerous hotels, restaurants, banks, shops and travel agents. To the north of Saddar, beyond the railway line and across the Leh River, is the crowded Old City, centered around Fowara Chowk and Rajah Bazar. In addition to the Mall, the most important transport artery is Murree Road, which runs north towards Islamabad.


In this area, a person by religion as Hindu, namely Rawal has established a village here and later on called this place a “Rawalpindi”. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities connected through Murree Road, by traveling distance of approximately 15 kilometers. While, coming from Srinagar Highway Road, distance is less.
In the year 1851, Rawalpindi was very well established by the English Rulers, by constructed colonies here. In the year 1869, Rawalpindi and Lahore City are linked through Railway Line. However, GT road is also a route between these cities, which were constructed by Sher Shah Suri, a Muslim Ruler. Later, mostly ancient rulers crossed through this area by destroying it like, Arians, Iranian, Ghaznavi and Ghouri. Rawalpindi is also famous for its Historical Places. One of them is Purana Qila, constructed by Ghakhar, destroyed by Sikhism, and later on, new city was established, now New Rawalpindi.


Rawalpindi sites astride the Old Grand Trunk Road on its route between Peshawar and Lahore. It is connected to Islamabad by the Murree Road. A steady stream of intercity buses and minibuses was previously connected to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Whereas, Metro Busses with having full capacity are plying in between these twin cities. Metro Bus service is a cheap and luxurious traveling. By traveling on these Buses, you can easily capture buildings, shops, Plazas, markets, Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Food Markets, and much more on its way.
Within Rawalpindi, you have the choice of auto-rickshaws, taxis as well as horse-driven tongas, around Rajah Bazar and Committee Chowk.
The intercity Suzuki, Public Transport Hiace is also useful for getting from Saddar to points along Murree Road. These transports are run a number of regular services around Rawalpindi, stopping only at designated stops. Rawalpindi can become unpleasantly hot and sticky during the summer (and even late spring/early autumn) and thus most visitors leave the mountainous areas like Murree, as it is the nearest hilly station. However, daytime temperatures in winter are very comfortable, and it can even be a little chilly at night.

Chaklala Scheme III Rawalpindi


Ayub National Park - Rawalpindi

On the GT Road to the southeast of the Cantonment area, is a sprawling park, covering over 900 hectares, with a lake for boating, bridle paths, and aquarium, open-air garden restaurant and theatre as well as Japanese Garden. Besides along Ayub National Park,Jungle Fun Land for kids, where big blowing Jhoolleys are available.

Jinnah Park in Rawalpindi

Although Rawalpindi is a more congested and populated city of Pakistan, however, there are picnic points are also located here. Jinnah Park was previously known as a District Jail areas, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was imprisoned and hanged there. Later on, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) was announced to build an amusement park for the general public for fun and joy. 14 years ago, in the year 2006, it has been opened to General Public.
In Jinnah Park Rawalpindi you can have fun/entertainment by joining these:-

  1. a. Cinepax-Rawalpindi

    Cinepax Jinnah Park Ticket Price

    2D ticket price is Rs. 1250 per person You can easily buy tickets online at Cinepax Ticket Online

  2. b. Basketball Courts
  3. c. A Bowling Club
  4. At this club, cuisine and café is also available. Membership facility is available, by availing membership you can enjoy following also:-

    Leisure Cuisine & Café

    Ser No Items Price List
    1 Marco Polo Chicken Rs. 699
    2 Crispy Parmesan Chicken Rs. 675
    3 Grill Layer Chicken Rs. 675
    4 Grilled Targon Chicken Rs. 699
    5 Stuff Chicken Rs. 675
    6 Dynamite Prawn Rs. 975
    Other eating stuff are also available, however, their rates are varied.

  • d. Playing Ground
  • e. An Open Air Gym
  • f. Jogging Tack
  • g. MacDonald’s
  • h. Motion Rides
  • i. Sitting Areas with crafting grass lawn areas.
  • j. An Old Tree on the entrance of Jinnah Park.
  • Nawaz Sharif Park - Rawalpindi

    On Murree road with heavy traffic area covered with this glee park. Oftenly, this park is more crowded than others, as Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium along with Food Market with the most famous Savior Food Chain are located here. If you desire to visit Nawaz Sharif Park, we recommend you to make plan other than weekends. It also has a jogging track for visitors. Some fun items for kids.

    Nawaz Sharif Park Location

    As earlier provided, it is located on Murree Road opposite of Agricultural University in Rawalpindi. It is the best place for visiting families and kids who are living near Murree Road.

    Nawaz Sharif Park Timing

    It is opened for the general public from Monday to Sunday. Its timing is :- From To 1400hrs 1800hrs.

    Liaquat Memorial Hall and Gardens – Rawalpindi

    Garden open sunrise to sunset, located at Murree Road, freely. Any wagon or bus passing along Murree Road from Saddar towards Islamabad can drop you here, was originally known as Company Bagh but renamed after Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was assassinated here in 1951. There is a library and a large auditorium where occasional art exhibitions, cultural shows and plays are staged.

    Army Museum and Library in Rawalpindi

    Various items of military regalia, including paintings, weapons and uniforms, and a collection of books on Pakistan Military History are on display here.

    Excise and Taxation Building in Rawalpindi

    In Rawalpindi, there are different office buildings are located. People resident of Rawalpindi are mostly employees. As different office buildings are here in Rawalpindi vicinity. One of the several, Excise and Taxation Rawalpindi is most famous among the transporters, vehicle owners. It deals with the motorcycle, car registration process, vehicle verification, issuance of the smart card to the owners of motorcycle, cars etc. This organization is working under the supervision of the Government of Punjab. If you have any query, please visit their official website on: Excise and Taxation in Rawalpindi


    There are approximately 400 hotels spread over the Rawalpindi, a small selection of which given below:- Most of the hotels are concentrated in the Saddar / Cantonment area, which is Rawalpindi's real commercial center. The most expensive one is in the Cantonment Area along The Mall Road while the mid-range and cheaper ones are in the Saddar Area. There are some unappealing hotels are at Pir Wadhai Bus Station.

    Pearl Continental Hotel – The Mall Road Rawalpindi.

    Easily the best hotel in town, full facilities to international standard. Standard rooms very comfortable. Choice of restaurants, bakery, laundry, swimming pool, tennis, badminton, health center, shopping mall. Recommended especially for middle budget travelers. PC Hotel Rawalpindi

    PC Hotel in Rawalpindi

    Hotel De Mall Rawalpindi

    Not as long-standing as PC hotel, however, offering big discounts. Although you can sometimes get rooms at the same time. having dish tv, function halls, novelty features is the revolving rooftop restaurant.

    Shalimar Hotel in Rawalpindi

    Shalimar hotel adjacent to De-Mall adjacent to State Bank to Pakistan Building located at The Mall Road. Fairly comfortable hotel, although without the sense of luxury associated with PC hotel. Central AC, fridge, IDD phone, Pool choice of restaurants, having 4 stars rating

    Flashman Hotel in Rawalpindi

    Has seen better days, run-down public areas, ‘Standard Rooms fairly large with noisy ac, dish tv very limited, grubby carpets, antiquated plumbing and temperamental toilet flush system. Hotel as a permit room, restaurant but pool is closed. All rather tarry and overprice. Flashman hotel is facilitated with Marquee, also.

    Best Shopping Places in Rawalpindi

    The main shopping areas are Saddar and Rajah Bazar.

    Raja Bazar Rawalpindi

    The area around Raja Bazar is the commercial heart of the old market town of Rawalpindi. Five roads radiate from Fowara Chowk, and tiny alleys with crowded bazars and craftsmen practicing their skills wind their way between these roads.
    It’s a fascinating area to explore, and to shop anything from jewelry, handicrafts, and fabrics to smuggled electric goods, house construction materials, fish market is also here.
    Walking east from Fowara Chowk along Trunk Bazar off to left roughly halfway along you can see an old Hindu Temple (one of several that once graced this area), now somewhat derelict and partially occupied as a private home. Many of the buildings here still retain their originally intricately carved wooden balconies and whenever the bazaars escape the press of modern traffic, it is easy to feel yourself, slipping back a century or so.

    Bara Bazar Rawalpindi

    Named after a smuggling town in NWFP near the Afghanistan border, is full of smuggled electric goods and other items.

    Bohar Bazar Rawalpindi

    Bohar Bazar Rawalpindi is famous for medical stores, contacts medical shops, both western and traditional, while Rajah Bazar itself centers around stalls of vegetables, species and dried fruits, nuts piled high.

    Kalan Bazar

    Kalan Bazar is the main cloth market.

    Moti Bazar Rawalpindi

    It is women market for beads, hair braids, shawls, make up etc.

    Sarafa Bazaars

    sell intricate hand worked gold, silver jewellerry as well as brass, copper, and utensils.

    Trunk Bazar

    Combines metal trunks with other items of ironmongery and practical goods, there is good fishing tackle shop around 200 meter down on the right (coming from Fowara Chowk).

    Lalkurti Bazar Rawalpindi

    Lalkurti Bazar is one of the most famous market / bazar of Rawalpindi. By name, Lal Kurti means red shirt. In early era, it had belong to British Royal Army Colony residential areas. Here, mostly women residents of Lalazar, Katchery, Dhowk Sayedan, Kamalabad, Kalma Chowk areas rushing towards shops being cheaper prices in cloth rates. Besides this, food stuff is also available here like, Usmania Restaurant is still facilitating its customers with delicious Chicken Karahi, Seekh Kabab, Kheer and other items also. Some very prominent buildings are Convent School, CSD Shop Supermarket, APCOMS University are also located in this area.

    Tench Bhatta Rawalpindi

    Hardly 2 kilometers away from Saddar, coming at Octori no 22, ahead towards Allama Iqbal Colony, Tench Bhatta Bazaar is located. When you reach at Octori No 22, you will sign with Sabzi Mandi Area, where, broker with their deafening style treatise rates to entice people to buy vegetables & fruits, from them. It guises more amazing and stunning moment. Tench Bhatta premises is full of rushy area, containing shops side by side of the road till it lying towards Allama Iqbal Colony. Longest Bazaar is also called to Tench Bhatta. By visiting here, you can easily access to buy women and men cloth, some very famous sweet shops, like, Nazeer Sweet House, Nirala Sweet House, which Samosas are very delicious and famous among the people.

    Commercial Market Rawalpindi

    Commercial Market is situated in well-structured zone, on way from Saddar to Islamabad, at Murree Road, i.e. Satellite Town. Here, very modern shops, plazas are waiting for people to come here to discover out seasonal clothing of different varieties and qualities. However, rates are little high as compare to other markets of Rawalpindi. In Commercial Market vicinity, there so many private schools, colleges, intuitional organizations & training academies are running their businesses. Commercial Market is a hub for business


    Rawalpindi is most clogged and un-planned city of Pakistan. Mostly people are prefer to reside in this city, as it has so many benefits regarding cheap house rent facilities. So population in Rawalpindi is increasingly day by day. In year 2020, population of Rawalpindi is about 2,237,000. You can attain actual stats by visiting on Population of Rawalpindi


    We hope you have read detailed information about Rawalpindi City but, now time of sharing about famous personalities of Rawalpindi, details are:-

    Mr. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan - A Politician Leader. Ch Nisar Ali Khan
    Mr. Kartar Singh Dugal Kartar Singh Dugal
    Mr. Anand Bakhsi, An Indian Music Director Anand Bakhshi
    Mrs. Shehnaz Wazir Ali - A Politician Leader Shehnaz Wazir Ali
    Mrs. Swaran Lata- Actress Swaran Lata


    Rawalpindi is also famed for its delicious food items, like
    1. Makhni Motton Karahi. Banni Mohallah.
    2. Dar ul Mahi Fish Point– Saddar.
    3. Khushab Tikka House – Commercial Market, Rawalpindi.
    4. Grato Jaleebi.


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