Murree Tourist Guide

Places to Visit in Murree during Winter and Summer

places to visit in murree during winter

Murree Hill Stations

If you do not have lavish information about Pakistan's famous tourist resorts, you are landing your plane on the right runway or surfing on the right wave. When you arrived from abroad or coming from other cities of Pakistan and staying in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan, or its sister city called Rawalpindi, so you never skip an opportunity to see places to visit in Murree, as one of the most beautiful place to visit in Pakistan.. Murree is a place of ecstasy on earth, filled with Pine Trees that make Murree as paradise. You can feel pleasure by playing with Monkeys who are swinging on the trees by taken your foods and other items; hopefully, your dream of visiting such a wonderful hill station in Pakistan will never end. Stay tuned, most amazing fun, and interesting facts about Murree begin. Here is a complete Murree tourist guide:- 



Being a sightseer, a first step that touches your mind is “Where is Murree located in Pakistan” and “How can I Get There.” As I have already defined my words above, Murree is a Hilly area, called as Queen of Hills, situated in the region of Galyat, District Rawalpindi. The total area is covered by Murree City in about 435 square kilometers. It’s under the jurisdiction of Province Punjab.


If you are planning to visit Murree to explore its natural beauty, we recommend you to approach here via Expressway road. The total distance covered from Islamabad to Murree via Expressway road is 38 kilometers. There are a lot of bus services; rental cars are available. Even, another transportation service is at your doorstep and waiting for you by ease your trip, i.e. Roamer.

how to install roamer app

How to Rent a Car on Roamer App

how to rent a car

And if you are too much foodie personality, then on the Expressway road, you can never overlook Khan baba restaurant, Islamabad, Café De Mustafeez, Food Mall Restaurant, Zaiqa Family Restaurant, Valley View Cottage, Islamabad, and much more. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are both adjacent cities. If you are staying in Rawalpindi, coming from there, you never know how and when to cross Rawalpindi and enter into Islamabad. It only makes sense after crossing Bestway Hotel, Ramada Hotel, that you have already entered Islamabad.

Distance from Lahore to Murree

By coming from Lahore, you have different options to reach there, like:-

  1. By Air
  2. The shortest distance by air is about 167 mile. If your budget is in your control then start your journey by paying ticket price of Rs. 35000 (approximately) from Lahore to Islamabad.

  3. By Road
  4. It takes you to take drive of approximately 203 kilometers. There are different bus services are plying from Lahore to Islamabad, but I suggest the best one is Daewoo Bus Services, to be used via Motorway. It takes you about 3 to 4 hours to reach Islamabad and Rawalpindi at Daewoo Terminal. At there, a lot of taxi services are available, book it and take your first destination towards things to do places in Pakistan, i.e. Islamabad, and never miss your chance by visiting there.

After seeing natural beauty of Islamabad, take your drives towards Murree. On the way, you see so many other places around you, like Rawal Dam Lake, Bani Gala. Bhara Kahu is also on your way its also called as Spring Valley, Phulgran Village & Simly Dam ahead.

Information about Murree Weather

Murree weather is moderate mostly; it is a much pleasure even in June, July & August. However, the average temperature nowadays in Murree is less than 20 centigrade, and air quality is best for those who prefer outdoor activities. Most probably, Murree weather next 15 days will be cleared sky and sunny.

Murree Weather Snowfall Chance

Murree is famous for its snowfall. Heavy Snowfall in Murree starts in January and February. However, its weather is also unpredictable. Sometimes, suddenly, it can happen in other months. During snowfall, tourists, sightseers, and a group of families come here. Mostly young bikers from Rawalpindi & Islamabad come to Murree to see snow falling.
Kids play with the snow by making snowballs (in the Urdu language, Golas) and throwing them on each other. Man and Women capture their memorable moments in snowfall by taking a snapshot of the selfie. During snowfall, many tea hotels earn a lot of money as every tourist desires to drink tea, coffee, or green tea as per their tastes. Besides this, in snowfall seasons, weather conditions of other areas near Murree have also become calm and pleasant. To update yourself about Murree Weather Today.

What is the Height of Murree Above Sea Level?

Murree’s height above sea level is 7517 feet (2286 meters). An apex of Murree looks spectacular. As you enter into Murree and destined your seat belt towards Murree’s Top, the sight view looks impressive and remarkable from North to South and East to West. Greenery is seeing everywhere. You feel comfortableness in your inner.

things to do in murree

Safe Oxygen Levels for Humans

19.5 % oxygen level in human body is decent. To know about oxygen level and Murree Temprature

How to Book Murree Government House

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. People from different countries visit it due to its cheaper hotel reservation rates and the presence of government houses in tourist areas or in mountainous resorts like Murree.

To boost tourism in Pakistan every step of the way, you might be surprised to give an update on, Government House in Murree is open to the public. This effort is being done by the PTI government. But, you are thinking about how to book the Murree government house, so you are in the ripple layer, don't worry, I am fully aware of this hereby.

  1. Open website URL:
  2. Go to “Quick Links” at the bottom of website homepage.
  3. Click on “Rest House Facility” and open it
  4. Fill the Booking Form and submit.
how to book murree government house government house murree

Samli Sanitorium Murree- TB Hospital

This hospital was established by Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain and Raja Khan Zaman Khan, who heard a painful story of Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain whose Only One son died to TB disease. Raja Zaman Khan was a very kind-hearted person. After hearing this sad story, he decided to gifted his 300 kanals of land free of cost to establish a TB Hospital in Samli, which provides free services to the TB patients. Smiley is famous for its freshwater, full of pine trees and fresh air.

What to Wear in Murree?

If you are visiting in Murree during the winter seasons, so it is best to wear warm dresses like jeans, jersey, jackets, warm cap on your head, a Pakistani cultural muffler covered your neck and ear also. During winter, Murree temperature is very low, its near to -1 centigrade, and mostly snowfall starts during these seasons. Other seasons are also cold but very fresh.

What to Pack for Murreee?

During visit tourist places, I have learned one of the most important lessons I require to share with you. Before leaving your home, pick a blank paper and a pen to write about your details, family background, place of origin, emergency contact numbers, permanent addresses, any other information you intend to write. If an emergency happens with you during the visit outside, it will help. Moreover, the following items are packed for your trip to Murree:-

  1. Power Bank
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Jacket
  4. Camera
  5. Extra Sock Pair
  6. Gloves
  7. Towels
  8. Jeans
  9. Joger Shoes
  10. Tooth Brush or Miswak or any other items which you think, it is better if you have, during visit to hilly stations.

Places to Visit in Murree in Winter and Summer

Murree is one of the most famous resorts of Pakistan during the summer season. When it is challenging to reach other northern areas of Pakistan in winter, people from all regions of Pakistan, particularly from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Taxila & Lahore, turn their faces towards Murree. A hilly station growing with bushy green plants and cold weather, fresh air, beautiful valleys, roads surrounded by clouds at very low level symbolize as eye-catching scenery. There are different spots to visit in Murree. Most but not least, places to visit in Murree during summer or in winters are:-

Mall Road – Murree

The busiest place is Mall Road. It is an interesting footpath to start your imagination a journey towards Murree. Here and there a lot of shops, stalls, hotels, sell brokers make it more touchy and noisy. Mostly items belong to foods, dresses, decorations, are easily available. You can easily buy things of your choice. These Mall roads are most prominent in Pakistan and among all tourists of another world. At night, most likely, you see that kids are walking on the Mall Road by selling green tea by lifting kettles in their hands.

Kashmir Point- Murree

The busiest place is Mall Road. It is an interesting Kashmir Point is also the most beautiful picnic spots in Murree located above 7000 feet sea level. The main reason behind tourists to reach here is Bagh-e- Shahi-Dan, food park and water places. From its top, you can easily see a stunning view of Kashmir Valley. It is one of the most visited spots of Murree hill station because mostly people reserved their rooms at the Mall Road and come across to see it.

Kashmir Point Murree directions

Distance between the Mall Road to Kashmir point is about 1 Kilo meter. Its located in South of the Murree Mall road.

Murree Safari Train Station

Government of Pakistan (Tourism Development Corporation) is waging Safari Train in Kashmir Point by having a seating capacity of 36 passengers. It’s a soft wheel train. It has only Two Bogies with One (1) Locomotive Engine which power it.

Safari Train Ticket Price - Murree

Ticket Price as parallel to realize magnificence of Murree is reasonable. Details are:-

  1. Adults - Rs. 150 / -
  2. Students / Senior Citizens - Rs. 100 / -
  3. Children upto 12 Years - Rs. 75 / -

Pindi Point – Murree

Pindi point is situated near about 15 minutes’ drive from Mall Road. From here, you can easily view the upper-side areas of Rawalpindi. People frequently visit this area due to Chair Lift, housing riding and its top view. It takes you between 10 to 15 minutes of horse riding to take a complete view of Pindi Point. However, most interest and fun things to do at Pindi Point is to take a deep ride of Chair Lift.

What is the Height of Pindi Point?

Its altitude is 7000 to 8000 above sea level.

Pindi Point Chair Lift

The chair lift is started from Pindi Point to Bhansra Gali. It covers 1.5 kilometres distance from the upward to downwards. During this span of time, people see the most amazing exquisiteness of Murree from its apex level.

Pindi Point Chair Lift Ticket Price

It cost of Rs. 240 to 450 per person but this meager amount is nothing in front of natural beauty of Murree.

Places to Visit near Murree

When you are in Murree. There are a lot of places around you to be viewable. There are most generic villages which inhales your breath. However, at this time, I am just sharing with you, some other places to visit near Murree, which you never bounce during staying there.

Nathia Gali

It’s a mountaineer resort, renowned for its natural attractiveness, hiking trails and pleasant climate condition. Due to the high altitude of Nathia Gali, i.e. 2410 meters, the coolness of air is at topmost. Nathia Gali and its surround, tourist facilities for travellers, are available, like hotels, lounges, guest houses, and different types of shops create a lot of enticement in tourism in Pakistan.

When Snow fall Starts in Nathia Gali

When the sky sprinkles its blossoms, they fall on the Margalla Hills in Islamabad or on the Rawalpindi landscape, likelihood, snow falling begins in Nathali Gali. Most likely, during winter season, in late September and early November, it will surprise the inhabitants of Murree, Nathia Gali, as well as Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Places to visit in Nathia Gali

Famous places are Mahran Jani and Mushkpuri Top in Nathia Gali, where tourists from different remote regions are come here to grasp most marvellous sight which shields in knitted snow.

Distance between Mushkpuri Top and Nathia Gali

Its takes 3 kilometer to reach Mushkpuri Top.

Bhurban – Why Bhurban is Called Bhurban

It’s a small town near Murree, its name was earmarked due to reasons that it is located within a Jungle well-known as “ Bhurban”, so it is also called. Bhuraban is located between Murree and Kashmir Road at approximately 6000 feet height above sea level. Its distance between both locations is 10.6 kilometres via Jhika Gali and Khaqan Abbasi Roads. It takes around about 40 to 47 minutes to reach here. Five Stars Hotel like Peal Continental Hotel and Mount Pleasants is the most famous among others which provide easiness to tourists who come in Bhurban or in Murree. Most families are preferred to stay here as it is also dense with greenery.

Sozo Park Murree

Sozo Park is a picnic point for children. It is built in the year 2003 at Lower Topa Murree. It has covered by 15-acre square feet. There are 27 types of different Playing Items (In Urdu it is called as Jhulley) are mounted. Height of Sozo Park is about 6220 feet above sea level. Sozo Adventure Park entails Jungle Theme recreational park. It is more ideal for the kids as it encompasses Jhoolley.


It is also called Ayubia National Park. It is renowned due to Chair Lift, Dhonga Gali and hiking tracks are here. Ayubia covering areas of 33 kilometres square feet. It is a Galyat region located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is very famous due to the family picnic point. It access is very easy. By tracking from Murree road, you can easily arrive in Ayubia top by travelling 90 kilometres in 2 hours. Road condition is very well, any type of vehicle can plying on this road, however; you should have sound power engine vehicle.

Ayubia Chair Lift Ticket Price in 2020

Ticket Price in year 2020 is as under:-
For Adult - Rs. 350 /
For Kids - Rs. 220 / - (less than age of 7 years)

Ayubia Chair Lift Distance

It is about 300 meter ride and the last patch is in steep mode.

Precaution for Kids about Ayubia Chair Lift

It is not recommendeds for the kids, as they do not have safety belts, good cabin. It looks like a Rickshaw replication, having a seating capacity of 2 persons at a time. It covers you with the front desk based on your feet. As you take off your feet from the rod, the front desk will also take off your safety door from your front.

What to Pack if you Plan for Ayubia National Park

In July, August & September, rainy season is in its top. Following things should be packed with you:-
a. Jacket or Hood
b. Raincoat or Umbrella

Children under the age of 5 years must be packed with a warm cloth, especially to visit in these seasons, when the rain starts there as too much coldness you feel at the top.

129 Years old Moto Tunnel at Ayubia National Park

From Trash can be rebuilt to Treasure

A 129-year-old British-era tunnel has been rebuilt in Ayubia National Park. The historic tunnel which will now attract more tourists, mountaineers and history buffs. Here, most historic information, paved track to tunnel has installed. The length of tunnel is about 250 feet long. This tunnel is located at Ayubia National Park in Galyat area.

129 years old tunnel has restored 129 years old tunnel


This place is also known as “New Murree” located 14 kilometers South East of Murree. The climate of Patriata is very cool due to its height approximately 7500 feet above the sea level. Tourist mostly come here to take ride on Cable Car, Patriata Chair Lift.

Patriata Cable Car Distance

Total distance of cable car is about 7 kilometer. During this period of time, you feel yourself being a bird. Its starts downwards to top and end moving towards downwards.

Patriata chair lift ticket price 2020

Chair Lift & Cable Car Ticket Price is above 5 years age is Rs. 800.

Conclusion: A journey to see beautiful places and best things to do in pakistan has not yet been ended. There are so many other cities to visit in to pakistan, which we will represent soon. Pakistan is a land of Pureness- pakmiti.